To be a world-renowned centre of excellence in innovative postgraduate medical education.


  • To develop, provide and evaluate innovative educational programmes to enable our healthcare professionals to deliver safe and quality patient care.
  • To introduce innovative technologies and methodologies for healthcare educational programmes.
  • To develop and promulgate standards of healthcare educational activities.
  • To support the Academy and its constituent Colleges for educational initiatives in specialist training.


  1. Training Activities
    1. To educate and promote good use of e-Learning and online learning resources.
    2. To foster workplace-based assessment and competency-based medical education in specialist training.
  2. Resources & Quality Standard
    1. To develop and implement an online learning management system with sustainable resources for its continual development.
    2. To set and promulgate standards for competency-based medical education. 
    3. To continue and further develop strategic partnership with Hospital Authority and other key stakeholders.
  3. Research
    1. To engage partnership with universities for research initiatives aiming to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning outcomes of medical education.
  4. Business Model
    1. To secure appropriate resources for ILCM to support its development to be the Academy’s education arm.
    2. To explore and make use of available external resources through partnership, and any other sustainable sources of funding for the operations of ILCM.
    3. To establish a designated budget line for ILCM to monitor and optimize the utilization of its income and expenditure.